Is Cohabitation Legal in Dubai

It is still illegal for men and women to live together if at least one or both are married, as this can be considered adultery, which is a crime under UAE law. NB This article is actually about updating the “Dubai Sex Laws” or “Dubai Cohabitation Act”. And due to its narrow reach, it may not serve as a good sexual guide in Dubai. If you want a broader article on this topic, read Dubai`s laws for unmarried couples. Stay guided! The development is not a surprise, although it is fortunate for many, because in recent years the government has turned a blind eye and turned a deaf ear to people who violate the law on coexistence, except when it is blatant. Now, under the law, he wants unmarried couples to be sure that no one is looking at them or coming to Dubai for sex outside of marriage. As of Saturday, November 7, 2020, the UAE government will now allow unmarried couples to live together legally. As for sharing a property with friends who are literally just that – friends? “It`s important to note that the change in the law is in terms of living together or more often in life relationships,” Hassan says. “Issues relating to people sharing a property or shared dwelling are not affected by this change, as landlords, the Dubai City Administration and relevant rental forces are better able to consider these issues on a case-by-case basis.” Not all marriages are considered legal and accepted by Dubai law. People of the same sex, even if they are legally married at home, will have great difficulties if they find themselves in an inappropriate situation in Dubai.

Dubai and other emirates in the UAE are subject to Islamic laws known as Sharia law, which prohibits two single people of different sexes from living together for many years. The “Tawajed clause” prohibited two people of the opposite sex from living together without being legally married. Another change allows unmarried couples to live together, which has long been a crime in the UAE. Authorities, especially in Dubai`s freer financial center, tend to look the other way when it comes to foreigners, but the threat of punishment remained for such behavior. “Before this change, living together outside of marriage was forbidden in the UAE,” said Dr Hassan Elhais, legal counsel at Al Rowaad Advocates in Dubai. “Federal Decree No. 15 of 2020 amended some provisions of the UAE Penal Code, with one of the major changes to criminal law, the amendment of Article 356, which allows consensual sexual relations between adults. As a result of these changes, unmarried couples can cohabit as long as they are consenting adults.

“In other words, the ever-vibrant city – in fact, the UAE as a whole – has updated its laws on this and, therefore, unmarried couples in the UAE can now and from now on live together and/or have consensual sex in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the rest of the UAE without penalties, questions or fear of being reported. To further emphasize this point, living together in Dubai and the UAE is no longer illegal, but legal thanks to the UAE`s November 2020 legislative reforms, whether couples are legally married or not. This update also means that unrelated roommates and, of course, unmarried couples living together in Dubai and the rest of the UAE no longer do anything illegal and cannot be prosecuted for their actions. While cases of lawsuits for unrelated men and women who shared property were rare before the law was passed, unmarried couples are now legally allowed to share property without any impact. In an important move, in the first week of November, the UAE announced a major overhaul of personal and criminal laws, making way for a diverse society and equal representation of all members through the laws. The monumental law decriminalizes the coexistence and consumption of alcohol. The law states that a person may buy, consume and sell alcohol in authorized territories, even without a license. At home, marriages or religious marriages are only considered legal if you have a proper marriage certificate in your possession. Same-sex marriages are not recognized in the UAE due to Sharia law, even if an appropriate and valid certification has been issued in your home country. UAE laws only recognize heterosexual marriages that have been registered and can be verified with legal certifications if necessary.

However, no one will ask you for a marriage certificate unless you have caught the attention of Dubai legislators. The expansion of individual freedoms reflects the changing profile of a country that, despite its legal system based on a harsh interpretation of Islamic law, has sought to label itself as a skyscraper-studded destination for Western tourists, wealth seekers and businesses. “With consensual sex outside of marriage now legal in the UAE, it is no longer a crime to have an illegitimate child,” Dr Hassan continues. However, this does not mean that getting pregnant single is an easy process. “Getting a birth certificate for illegitimate children is always a challenge and in many cases it is not guaranteed, so it should be taken into account that single mothers may have difficulty obtaining a birth certificate for their newborns,” he explains. The new law decriminalizes unmarried cohabitation and is part of a series of amendments that cover a number of family and personal life laws. According to The National, several other legislative changes include divorce, women`s rights and alcohol consumption in the UAE. Dubai is a regional hub that attracts many people from different countries, backgrounds, orientations and religions. Depending on why he`s in town, if someone invites his girlfriend or boyfriend to live with him, it was illegal. .

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