What Is the Quarantine Rules in India for International Travellers

1. Would we be exempt from institutional quarantine due to vaccination? 2. Do we need to have an RTPCR test performed before boarding the flight OR landing at Mumbai Airport? 3. Do we need to do an RTPCR test at Mumbai airport and therefore do we have to book in advance? Hi, I am traveling with my 5 year old son from Sweden to Mumbai. Should I take a Covid test? Will they let us go home without showing Covid and quarantine test paper or do we have to take a Covid test at Mumbai airport and wait 8 hours? It is very confusing, as I saw on the Air Suvidha website to register for the exemption, there is the possibility of traveling with a stroke of a 10-year-old child. We will not be able to do a Covid test from Sweden. Please give me the correct information and we are owners oci. Hello Jo! According to the guidelines, valid documents on family emergencies (emergency situation) must be presented to the appropriate official at Mumbai airport in order to request an exemption from institutional quarantine. Hello, We are planning to visit İndia on March 20, 2021 for 3 weeks. Our starting point is Istanbul (Turkey) and the arrival point is Mumbai. We can come via Dubai or Doha. We have 2 children of 9 years and 2 years old.

Will we be exempt from the 7-day forced quarantine? Hello my family and daughter 8 old trip Sharjah UAE to Mumbai we are free for quarantine. Hello Maria! If you are travelling directly to Mumbai (and not via another airport in India), you are entitled to an exemption due to your travel with a child under the age of 10. If tests are needed, you can drop off your swab at Mumbai airport and go home instead of waiting for the result on the spot. First day of flight back to the United States, so this frees me from home quarantine? How about a foreigner coming from the Philippines? Will India issue a tourist visa? And if so, even after testing negative for RT – PCR from the Philippines, am I still required for institutional quarantine if I only stay there for 14 days? Hello Shaista! Your family and daughter will undergo a 7-day institutional quarantine upon arrival at Mumbai airport if your final destination is in Maharashtra or if you are not vaccinated. Hello Ruby! Unvaccinated travelers will undergo a COVID-19 test at Mumbai Airport and will be placed in home quarantine at their final destination in India for 7 days. Hello Sajid! The quarantine rule for travelers from the Middle East and Europe to Mumbai could be revised after December 31. We`re not sure the trick will work. Hello Pinky! You will be exempt from institutional quarantine if you have a negative RT-PCR report. If you are travelling with confirmed return tickets, you will also receive an exemption from home quarantine. I hope that quarantine standards will be relaxed when you travel. Hello Kamalendu! A 14-day home quarantine is mandatory for those travelling from the UK, the Middle East and other parts of Europe or travelling there if their final destination is Maharashtra. Hello Dev! You have two options: travel with a negative RT-PCR ratio or travel without a negative report.

If you are travelling to Mumbai Airport from the United States without a negative RT-PCR test report, you will be asked to take a COVID test upon arrival at the airport. If you refuse to take a test at the airport and explain the reason to the officials, you will only be transferred to a paid institution for a 7-day institutional quarantine. Please note that only travelers from Europe, the Middle East and South Africa are subject to a mandatory 7-day institutional quarantine in Mumbai. I am travelling from Dublin to Mumbai and will have my Covid certificate with me. I have minor surgery that needs to be done in case of emergency. In this case, do I have to go through an RT-PCR test again in Mumbai? Can I skip the institute`s quarantine? If it`s negative? I need advice. I plan to travel from Washington DC to Mumbai from March 12-13. I am considering two different flights and trying to find the best route based on the current quarantine rules in Mumbai. The first flight is by the airline United (DCA-EWR-MUM) has a stopover in New York, The second flight is through Qatar (IAD-DOH-MUM) has a stopover in Doha. The hometown is Washington DC.

Even if I am from the United States, if the stopover is in the Middle East, does the mandatory 7-day institutional rule (in Mumbai) apply or not with the latest guidelines for flights from Europe and the Middle East? Would it be better to have a stopover in the United States and not in the Middle East based on quarantine rules, if that`s true? I intend to do the negative PCR-T test from the United States. Second, in addition to the country`s rules, do airlines have their own requirements regarding how to perform the PCR-T test? I have heard that regardless of location, origin or destination, Qatar Airlines requires travelers to have negative test results. Is this really true? Hello Vishwa! According to the revised guidelines, which came into effect on September 3, fully vaccinated international passengers must also undergo home quarantine for 14 days if the final destination is in Maharashtra. Upon arrival, you can request an exemption from home quarantine or request a reduction in home quarantine by explaining the purpose of your trip to officials deployed at Mumbai airport. Services such as grocery stores, pharmacies and medical supplies are usually open throughout India. Indian states and Union Territories make independent decisions about when schools can reopen. Many colleges have reopened since June and July, while others remain online only, according to press reports. For specific information about lessons, please contact your educational institution. Social hangouts (such as bars and restaurants) are largely reopened, but may operate with limited capacity or reduced hours, and retail stores may have limited hours and/or restrictions on the number of guests allowed to enter. .

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