Why Do You Want a Contract Job

Although they seem similar, an employee who works on a contractual basis is different from an independent contractor. Independent contractors are self-employed, which means they have to pay a portion of the payroll tax to both the employer and the employee. There are, of course, additional differences between the roles of employees and independent contractors that you need to be aware of if you are actively looking for these types of jobs. The old stigma attached to contract work is that it is a last resort, or the job you take if you can`t find full-time work. But this is not the case in today`s labour market. Many candidates leave full-time work to contract because it offers opportunities they can`t find in regular full-time jobs. Check out our job postings and start your search for a contract position to hire. Members have full access every day. Not a member yet? Register today! You are an expert in your field and have certain skills that companies in your industry want.

However, contract work also offers the opportunity to sharpen your expertise and work in various industries. It allows you to expand your experience in your field and perhaps gain new skills in other industries. You are free to choose the skills you want to develop in other industries in order to improve your CV and marketing for future jobs. It can also be part of your story when you explain a job gap to a potential employer. However, updating contract roles when hiring can hurt your job search efforts. Accepting one or even a few contract positions can help you in your job search, allowing you to test jobs and businesses without making a long-term commitment. Companies that want to hire contract staff because it offers the flexibility they need save time, money and resources. However, they are looking for experts, not beginners. You don`t want to invest in training or other integration expenses. An entrepreneur who knows what to do and how to do it on time is worth the highest price. They come in, do the work and don`t put more pressure on the company`s resources.

Second-rate employee, short-circuited in benefits and lack of recognition. This is what contract jobs are often perceived and stigmatized, which is why only a small amount of talent is willing to accept them. If your candidate has never been a contract worker, they will likely ask you questions. You must be able to answer them clearly and accurately. Here are eight questions you should be prepared to answer about contract work: You may be excited about your contract position, but remember: You`re always looking for the right job. As the name suggests, this is only TEMPORARY – even if you have been a temporary worker for several years. It is difficult for candidates to decide whether it is right for them to give up a full-time job for a contract position. Many job seekers fear the temporality of contract work. And candidates may think that contract work is only for low-paying entry-level positions.

Once you have accepted a job as a full-time employee, you have the guarantee of the company`s work. You don`t need to search for your next project after a specific contract expires, but to work continuously in your role within the organization. Guaranteed work means that full-time jobs offer more stability to support certain lifestyles. It`s up to YOU to ultimately decide if this is the right decision when looking for a job. While contract work can provide you with payment in the meantime, restrictive agreements can put you in a dilemma later on. Be sure to consult with experienced professionals for areas you are not familiar with. The interview process for contract positions is much shorter, giving you more time to continue your search for a permanent job while earning a stable income in the meantime. Finding a new job also tends to be less difficult for contract workers, as they can tap into their professional network quite easily. In fact, most of them get their next appearance before the end of the contract, often with more attractive employers who have tracked their progress and contributions. If you do not have a permanent job at the end of the contract, it is much easier to declare unemployment. You can also indicate that you have been professionally active and have kept your skills up to date with a short-term job.

If you`re worried that a contract job to hire could result in a job gap on your resume, look at it from this perspective: If you`ve been unemployed for a while, contract employment may actually fill a gap for you. .

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